For fishing charters I will supply you with all of the necessary top of the line fishing rods, licenses and bait. I provide bottled water and ice on all of my charters. You may also bring food different drinks, sunscreen, towels, protective clothing and swim wear depending on the type of trip you book.

Special arrangements can be made for anything you may desire please contact me directly prior to booking your trip.


Fishing Charters In Key West, FL

Whether you have been landing the big ones for years or just found your sea legs! I will ensure you and your loved ones will have an unforgettable deep sea charter fishing experience aboard the Ridla. No family vacation is complete without a fishing trip in The Florida Keys.

Whether you want to catch a trophy fish to mount, a few for dinner, or just a snorkel sunset cruise, we can accommodate your needs.  

Sunset Cruises

Enjoy the beautiful colors of the setting sun out on the ocean. If you have only seen a sunset from land, trust me – you don’t know what you are missing.

Eco Tours

The ecological diversity of The Florida Keys is unlike any other area in the United States its tropical Savannah climate is home to a number number of unfamiliar faces like pink flamingo, the loggerhead turtle, the manatee, and a number of lizard species not easily found anywhere else. With bird watching, snorkeling, and sight seeing, an eco tour with Capt. Andy Glynn is the perfect adventure for the animal lover and thrill seeker alike!

Island Tours

The Florida Keys are made up of a large string of coral-based island, many of which are uninhabited and surrounded by interesting ship wreckage. With a fishing guide like me you can travel around these secret spots and even enjoy a nice picnic.